Sanitary pumps Saniforce range GRACO

Pompe alimentaire Saniforce GRACO
Technical Information

Air operated double diaphragm pumps

Easy to clean, quick knockdown design

  • Fluid contact areas are FDA-Compliant and meet CFR Title 21
  • 3A Certified pump options to meet the sanitation requirements of the milk and dairy industry
  • Featuring Graco’s durable, lube-free, non-sticking air valve
  • Available in ball and flapper designs, with 1.5" - 2" - 3" and 4" tri-clamp connections

Piston pumps

  • Construction: Polished stainless steel
  • Flow (according to the viscosity): from 15 to 53L/min
  • Pressure ratio: 5:1, 6:1 or 12:1
  • Pump type: Double ball or Piston with palette boot
  • Particles admitted: 3,2 to 6,4mm
  • Viscosity: from 25 000 to 500 000cPo

The Saniforce pneumatic piston pump with follower plate by GRACO products can filling operations viscosities up to 500,000 cps from 200L drums. This pump is available with a food design or double ball palette boot, and is equipped with a seal plate mounted forklifts

inflatable with FDA standards. The unloading rate is 99%, this pump is ideal for transferring your creams, sauces, jams, caramel icing, toothpaste ...



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