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Pompe alimentaire péristaltiques BOYSER

BOMBAS BOYSER is a Spanish company specialised in the manufacture of peristaltic pumps for industrial use. Founded in 1993, the company currently has of one of the most comprehensive ranges of peristaltic pumps in the world, split into four product families and more than twenty different models.

Peristaltic pumps are ideal for difficult pumping applications. Indeed, the simple pumping principle (the peristaltic concept) allows the transfer and dosing of viscous products, abrasive and shear sensitive.

The peristaltic principle relies on the ability of a soft elastomer tube to accept a deformation then regain its original shape. The resulting flow depends on the diameter of the tube and the speed of rotation of the pump.

These pumps are also available with sanitary construction and EU 1935/2004 certificate.

Many benefits flow from this simple method for pumping: Self-priming,  Dry running, Volumetric accuracy, Reversibility (the pump can run in both directions), Construction without sealing, No metal parts in contact with the fluid, Respect the nature of the product, Quick and easy cleaning, Easy and inexpensive, Versatility

Technical Information
  • Holes: from 3/8" to 3"
  • Connections: Flanges, TRI-CLAMP, SMS, DIN and Macon 316 AISI construction
  • Flow: 0 to 19 m³/h
  • Maximum pressure: 15 bar
  • Viscosity: 1 to 30 000 cPo
  • Elastomers: Natural rubber, NBR and Norprene food grade
  • ATEX (according to the pump model)
  • EU 1935/2004 certification



24 h