Sanitary lobe pump

Sanitary pumps

Boyser Sanitary Lobe Pumps have all parts in contact with the fluid in Stainless Steel AISI- 316L. Flow range between 500-40.000 l/h and Max. Pressure up to 12 bar.

There is a Hygienic version recommended for use in the most demanding sanitary applications, where ease of cleaning, a pump configured for automatic drainage and advanced mechanical closures deliver levels of safety that are capable of meeting the exacting certification standards of EHEDG.

By their construction characteristics they can work with liquids of any viscosity simpre guaranteeing the best performance and the best adaptability to the pumping, having the most globally standardized sanitary connections.

Sanitary lobe pump - Pompe à lobe BOYSER
Pompe à lobe BOYSER
Sanitary lobe pump - Pompe alimentaire à lobes type LIS402
Pompe alimentaire à lobes type LIS402



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